What Do Doves Symbolize? (2023)

For many of us, doves are simply beautiful birds. But did you know that doves have been used as symbols for centuries? In fact, they’re often used in funerals and other ceremonies to represent peace and hope. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the symbolism of doves and what they can mean for us.

White Dove Symbolism

White doves are considered symbols of peace and tranquility, offering feelings of purity and innocence. They remind us that there is still goodness in the world – even in the midst of chaos, uncertainty, and fear. Seeing white doves can bring about a sense of comfort and security, giving us assurance that goodness will prevail despite our circumstances. With the idea of purity and innocence surrounding them, it’s difficult not to be drawn to these beautiful birds.

White doves are also often used as spiritual symbols signifying faithfulness, loyalty, and devotion and are endearing symbols dedicated to strengthening relationships. They have gradually become associated with love and hope and represent the bond between two people, especially during marriage vows. This is because doves are known to mate with a single partner for life.

Some cultures even associate doves with fertility. Others, such as certain American Indian tribes, view doves as symbols of protection during wartime. In Chinese culture, doves are a symbol of fidelity and long life. In many cultures, doves are thought to be good luck and aid in the remembrance of loved ones. This is particularly said to be the case if the person is a spouse or partner.

In Judaism, doves are symbols of repentance. Historically, wealthier families were able to sacrifice larger livestock such as sheep for their ritual repentance. But poorer families sacrificed two doves in place of large livestock. Because doves were used for the atonement of sin, they became symbols of mourning and repentance of wrongdoing.

Mourning Dove Symbolism

Known commonly as the turtledove, the mourning dove has long symbolized peace and love. Its mournful coo radiates through our forests and fields, its trilling song piercing even the bleakest of days with its comforting melody. A silent companion on peaceful afternoons, it serves as a reminder of stability and calm, an assurance that no matter what turmoil is occurring out in the world, there is still a moment to simply appreciate this peaceful dove, bringing a sense of understanding that even when faced with tragedy and darkness, we can pause for a moment to appreciate these gifts from nature that bring us solace.

With their cooing sound and soft gray feathers, the beautiful mourning dove is often seen as a reminder of the ones we have lost. Many people believe that when this peaceful creature visits them, it signals a special connection with their loved ones in Heaven. It can be comforting to know that these visitors can give us a strong dose of hope, reassurance and love from our lost ones. The next time you encounter the dove’s gentle call in your life, take it as a sign: your friends and family in Heaven are here with you through every moment.

Symbolism of White Doves in Christianity

White doves are used in Christianity as the ultimate symbol of peace, love and hope. It is one of the oldest symbols used by Christianity and has constantly been associated with qualities such as purity, innocence, serenity and tranquility. This symbolism of white doves emphasizes themes of renewal, resurrection and salvation. Many also believe that these birds represent God’s presence in their lives. The way these gentle birds soar powerfully in the sky can fill anyone with an energy that renews faith in God and His power to bring miracles into a person’s life. The use of white doves as an uplifting Christian symbol provides people with a source of comfort and assurance during difficult times in their lives.

In Christian scripture, doves are mentioned in the book of Genesis and in the book of Matthew.

In the book of Genesis, Noah was instructed by God to build an arc, or boat, to keep his family safe from flooding. Following 40 days nights of flooding, there was no land in sight. Noah and his family didn’t know whether it was safe to leave the boat or not, so Noah released a dove to see if it could locate dry land. On the first attempt, the dove returned without having found dry land. Seven days later, Noah sent the dove out again. It returned with an olive branch in its mouth. Noah and his family then knew that it would soon be time to leave the boat. After the third and final time of sending the dove out, Noah and his family knew it was time to start their lives anew on land. From that point on, the dove became a symbol of new life and hope in Christianity.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus arrived to be baptized by John, who had been preaching repentance and the need for rededication to God through baptism. When Jesus was to be baptized, scripture says that the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus as a dove. While an actual dove wasn’t present, the representation of a dove in this way helped perpetuate its symbolism as the spirit of God.

Dove Symbolism in Death

Doves often take on special meaning in times of grief, connecting the departed with a gentle reminder that they will always be remembered. With their peaceful and graceful flight across the sky, doves serve as an everlasting reminder of the love shared between souls that have passed on. By honoring those who are no longer with us, we celebrate memories of joy and happiness – even in the face of loss – and these profound feelings can be powerfully symbolized by doves in mourning.

Although we may not be able to physically see our loved ones who have passed away, they may still be watching over us. The appearance of a dove is a powerful reminder that our departed family or friends are still with us in spirit. It is a sign that their souls remain peaceful and content — a loving gesture to remind us not to worry and that they will always be there for us in some form, no matter the distance. A dove’s presence conveys the warmth of their unconditional love and if you ever feel its gentle wings brush your shoulder, take it as an assurance of everlasting protection and love.

The dove, with its iconic white feathers and sweet cooing sound, is a symbol of hope. As death and rebirth are often depicted in the form of this simple creature, it serves to remind us that the death of one thing can signify the birth of something new. The dove encourages us to have faith in the new beginnings each day brings us and look forward to building brighter futures.

The dove is a special bird that has been around for centuries. This bird is seen as a symbol of many things, including peace, love, hope, and new beginnings. White doves are often seen as symbols of purity and innocence. While all doves represent faithfulness, loyalty, and devotion, what doves symbolize in death might be the most important meaning of all. Doves are messengers that bring us insight when we need it the most.

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