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ℹ️ The Arbitrum network is a layer-2 functionality, developed by the New York-based company Offchain Labs, which seeks to solve the congestion that the Ethereum network has been experiencing by improving how smart contracts are validated.

ℹ️ The platform leverages the security provided by the Ethereum mainnet but allows smart contracts to run on a separate layer to reduce congestion within the network.

ℹ️ This technique is called ‘transaction rollups’ (explained in some detail by the developers here) and consists of batches of transactions and records that are validated on the lower layer to then be moved to layer-1’s mainnet – in this case, the Ethereum mainnet.

ℹ️ Arbitrum compensates nodes that actively validate the smart contracts powered by the Arbitrum chain (known as aggregators) with ETH and they are responsible for adding the blocks to the first layer – the Ethereum mainnet.

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What is going on everyone? Welcome back to the baking analyst Channel.

We've seen a lot of negativity in the crypto space over the past few days.

But today we want to have a bit of a look on the bright side, something more positive today, I'm going to be showing you how I am personally investing, five thousand dollars into the arbitrum ecosystem in order to not only maximize my chances of an airdrop, but also earn some crazy high yields in a largely low risk manner.

First of all let's have a look at why we want to Target arbitrary arbitrum has a really really high, total value locked.

So as we see here on this page, arbitrim is actually the fifth largest chain by CVL that is almost twice that of optimism and twice there of Chronos, not to mention arbitrim, hosts, a range of second generation, D5 apps.

And what I mean by that is that a lot of the apps that are building on arbitrum they're, not just some Fork of what we've seen before like you.

The swap Forks.

There are a lot of new second generation products here.

So think about things like perpetuals, derivative exchanges and so on and so forth.

Those that are likely to be beneficiaries from the FTX Fallout.

The third reason why we're looking at Armitage so closely is because there is not yet a token.

And we do know that a token is going to launch at some point.

These guys could be even bigger than the optimism airdrops that came out earlier, especially given the level of participation in the arbitrum ecosystem higher number of projects and a higher tvl, meaning that demand for any new token is likely to be higher.

So let's move on to the next part of video, which is the part that you actually wanted to watch How.

I am allocating five thousand dollars in the orchestra ecosystem.

So let's, first start with the overall allocation principle.

So as you see, this is my actual portfolio so I'm, not yet going all in and bottom fishing, seeing as contagion might still have some ways to go.

However, I'm doing this on a 50 50 basis.

So keeping about 50 in stables and fifty percent deployed in the markets ready to take advantage of any upswing, while also still having cash or quality cash on the side to buy.

In if prices go even lower.

Now my account size is of an amounts that I am willing to risk.

So as with anything do check, your own risk tolerance before going.

Any further so let's now start with the lowest risk protocol which is where we will be parking our Stables two thousand five hundred dollars so if this is something that you want to accumulate anyway this does seem like a really really crazy way in order to not only participate in the arbitrary chain and qualify for any potential airdrop also earn some really really good yield now.


Are some caveats to this of course, there, is a fee on Redemption of two percent which does mean that at 53 payout APR you might need several weeks to actually Break Even from this is, however, at 90 APR this does seem like a good deal? It? Is of course, paid in their native token, which is PLS.

So whereas the first one GMX was real yield they're, paying you the fees from their protocol.

This one is more like traditional evil farming that we saw in D5 summer, where Native tokens are being paid out.

Now, if you want to take this to an even more decent level, you can actually even borrow against your ple glp on vendorfi it's.

Another lending protocol on Arbitrage, however, I have not got to that stage yet because two levels of smart contract risk is plenty from my point of view.

And we are already getting some pretty decent deals.

So what influence on the overall arbitrum ecosystem? Are you playing with it in order to get an airdrop eligibility slot? Or are you staying away from crypto altogether leave your thoughts down in the comments below so all in all I hope, this video has been informative, interesting and useful.

If you like this do consider leaving a like And subscribe to this channel.

As you mentioned, we are here to make D5 mainstream knowledge.

We are working on a completely revamped D5 for beginners course.

So do stay tuned for that as well with that being said, thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video.


What is the free coin price prediction for 2023? ›

According to our current FREE Coin price prediction, the value of FREE Coin is predicted to rise by 4.46% and reach $ 0.0₆1521 by June 30, 2023. According to our technical indicators, the current sentiment is Bearish while the Fear & Greed Index is showing 64 (Greed).

What is the price prediction for Bitgert? ›

Bitgert Price Prediction 2025

Bitgert is considering a token supply burn before 2025, which will potentially impact its price. According to our prediction, Bitgert may achieve a new all-time high this year. By 2025, the average price is expected to be around $0.00000575, subject to market trends.

Is solve crypto a good investment? ›

Is SOLVE (SOLVE) a good investment? Based on the direction SOLVE is heading, our technical analysis suggests that this cryptocurrency is currently a good investment.

Which token will explode in 2023? ›

DOT is currently priced at about $5 per token, and is a great bet for explosive growth in 2023. It offers the highest staking rewards, has a great use case for interoperability, could be the fastest blockchain in the world, and already has over 570 projects using its network.

What coins will skyrocket in 2023? ›

Dogecoin (DOGE) – Best Meme Crypto That Can Become A Millionaire-Maker Coin. Binance Coin (BNB) – One Of The Most Demanded Crypto To Soar This Year. Avalanche (AVAX) – The Best Altcoin That Could Bring Big Returns In 2023. Algorand (ALGO) – Best DeFi Coin Set To Explode In Value.

How much will brise coin cost in 2025? ›

Bitgert Prediction Table
YearMinimum PriceAverage Price
6 more rows

What will Bitgert token price be in 2023? ›

BRISE Price Prediction 2023-2050
YEARBitgert Price Forecast
2023$0.00000053 to $0.00000055
2024$0.0000015 to $0.0000018
2025$0.0000017 to $0.0000020
2026$0.0000012 to $0.00000125
3 more rows
May 31, 2023

What will brise price be in 2025? ›

Current value of 2025 BRISE in INR is 0.041 INR

This is the real-time data fetched from our partnered price aggregators. At the moment, you are looking at the conversion of 2025 BRISE when 1 BRISE is valued at 0.000020 INR.

What is the most stable crypto to invest in? ›

The most popular USD-backed stablecoin is Tether (USDT). Tether is pegged to the US dollar 1:1 and is backed by real USD reserves. This makes it a very reliable and stable option for those looking to invest in a cryptocurrency that is less volatile than others on the market.

What is the best crypto coin to make money? ›

10. Bitcoin – Coin With the Potential to Become one of the Most Profitable Crypto. Bitcoin was the first digital asset to come into existence in the crypto space. In fact, for its early investors, BTC has been the most profitable cryptocurrency to invest in.

What crypto will do better than Bitcoin? ›

Ethereum leverages blockchain technology for its decentralized, transparent system. The technology enables functionality beyond digital currency, such as decentralized applications and smart contracts. The developer community is one of the largest. The Ethereum platform processes transactions faster than Bitcoin.

Which crypto will be in the top 10 in 2023? ›

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Of 2023
  1. Bitcoin (BTC) Market cap: $543.4 billion. ...
  2. Ethereum (ETH) Market cap: $220.4 billion. ...
  3. Tether (USDT) Market cap: $81.8 billion. ...
  4. Binance Coin (BNB) Market cap: $50.6 billion. ...
  5. U.S. Dollar Coin (USDC) Market cap: $30.4 billion. ...
  6. XRP (XRP) Market cap: $23.9 billion. ...
  7. Cardano (ADA) ...
  8. Dogecoin (DOGE)
May 2, 2023

What coin will grow the most by 2025? ›

Overall, Ethereum's positioning as the blockchain at the forefront of Web3 development, and the significant demand for its network from thousands of crypto projects, makes it among the most promising cryptos that could 10X by 2025.

Which coin is going to pump? ›

We have narrowed down our choice of crypto coins that are expected to pump 30x before 2024 to eight. Prime suspects among them are Love Hate Inu (LHINU), DeeLance (DLANCE), Metropoly (METRO), Ecoterra (ECOTERRA), and RobotEra (TARO), as these tokens represent a new era in crypto development.

Which crypto will double in 2023? ›

Based on current trends and market analysis, some cryptocurrencies that are expected to grow in 2023 include Ethereum, Binance Coin, AAVE, Algorand, and more.

What is the cheapest crypto to explode in 2023? ›

Shiba Inu has a total supply of one quadrillion tokens. In turn, this is the cheapest cryptocurrency to buy in 2023. For instance, SHIB is currently trading at just $0.000008493. This means that a small investment of just $100 would yield over 11 million tokens.

What is the new coin in 2023? ›

DigiToads (TOADS) is among the new cryptocurrencies that launched in 2023 and the TOADS token has managed to impress both crypto users as well as analysts. Built on the Ethereum network, DigiToads has adopted a unique approach for its economic design that sports features of different kinds of crypto tokens.

How much will brise cost in 2027? ›

According to the Bitgert Price Prediction model above, BRISE's price in July 2027 would be $0.0000013. This price would however would range from $0.0000014 and $0.0000012. How much will Bitgert be worth in August 2027?

What will Shiba Inu be worth in 2040? ›

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Coin Price Prediction 2040

It is predicted that before 2040, half of the tokens will be burned, leading to potential growth and increased value. The expected average price by 2040 is estimated to be $0.056 if growth continues at its current rate.

How much will BitTorrent be worth in 2030? ›

BitTorrent Price Prediction 2030
YearsAvg PriceLowest Price
May 2030$0.0000064$0.0000059
June 2030$0.0000065$0.0000061
July 2030$0.0000067$0.0000062
August 2030$0.0000068$0.0000063
8 more rows

How high will brise go? ›

By 2025, we may expect an average price of $0.00000575 depending on the market trend. Our maximum price prediction for BRISE Coin is $0.00000653 in 2025.

How much is $100 in Bitgert? ›

US Dollar to Bitgert
$ US DollarBitgert
4 more rows

What year will Bitgert launch? ›

Bitgert was first launched as an app on BSC in July 2021. The project was initially called Bitrise, and its native token had the ticker BRISE. In December 2021, Bitrise rebranded to Bitgert. The rebranding did not affect the token or its ticker, and the platform has continued to operate on BSC since.

Can brise reach one cent? ›

Not only is the BRISE token extremely unlikely to reach 1 cent, but it could also see a further price decline if there's no major developments related to the project.

How much will brise token cost in 2030? ›

Bitgert (BRISE) Price Predictions 2023 - 2031
YearMinimum PriceAverage Price
5 more rows

Will Bitgert burn coins? ›

In response to the negative impact on our steady growth caused by traders manipulating the chart, we have temporarily suspended the monthly buyback program. However, we will still continue to buyback and burn tokens in larger amounts on random days.

What are the best Cryptos to hold forever? ›

5 Best Long-Term Cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Polkadot (DOT)
  • Chainlink (LINK)
Apr 3, 2023

What crypto to watch in 2023? ›

The 18 Top Cryptocurrencies to Watch This Year
  • AiDoge – Overall best crypto to watch in 2023. ...
  • Chimpzee – This sustainable cryptocurrency lets users contribute to the environment while earning passive income through an NFT marketplace and P2E ecosystem.
7 days ago

What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2023? ›

Best Cryptocurrency To Buy Now – June 2023 Top 5
  • How to Find the Best Cryptos to Buy Now? ...
  • InQubeta (QUBE) – Best ICO for AI Projects. ...
  • DigiToads (TOADS) – Best NFT Project and Meme Coin.
  • Polygon (MATIC) – Best Altcoins to Buy Right Now. ...
  • Solana (SOL) – Top Cryptocurrency With Low Fees. ...
  • Render – Top ERC-20 Token.
Jun 21, 2023

Which crypto coin has the most growth potential? ›

1. AiDoge (AI) – Meme-Creation Crypto Platform With the Highest Potential for Growth.

Which crypto will hit $1? ›

Those looking for the best cryptos under $1 will have come across Ripple or its native token XRP. International money transfers are handled through the Ripple payment protocol, which employs blockchain technology. The Ripple platform has collaborated with numerous financial institutions, which utilize its technology.

What is the best and fastest growing cryptocurrency? ›

The fastest-growing crypto coins right now are:
  • -Solana.
  • -Cardano.
  • -Avalanche.
  • -Polkadot.
  • -Polygon.
  • -RobotEra.
Mar 24, 2023

Which crypto will make you rich in 2025? ›

3 Cryptos That Could Make You a Millionaire by 2025
AZERO-USDAleph Zero$1.0886
May 9, 2023

Which crypto has bright future? ›

Polkadot. Polkadot is one of the most secure and innovative networks in the crypto space today. Analysts believe that the DOT token will skyrocket in 2023, since the growing popularity and development of the Web 3.0 domain has made the cryptocurrency, one of the most popular digital asset investments in the market.

What's the next big thing after crypto? ›

WSJ published an article on Silicon Valley's interest in artificial intelligence. The article says that the trend-hoppers are shifting to AI from web3 and crypto. WSJ shared that programs like ChatGPT can unlock great change in our work and lives.

Is free coin going to rise? ›

The average price of FREEdom Coin could exceed $0.00000022144545 this year. Within the next 5 years, the price of FREE is expected to rise above $0.000001.

Which coin is best to buy in 2023? ›

  • Tether (USDT) ...
  • Binance Coin (BNB) Market cap: $37.2 billion. ...
  • U.S. Dollar Coin (USDC) Market cap: $28.3 billion. ...
  • XRP (XRP) Market cap: $25.2 billion. ...
  • Cardano (ADA) Market cap: $9.9 billion. ...
  • Dogecoin (DOGE) Market cap: $9.1 billion. ...
  • TRON (TRX) Market cap: $6.7 billion. ...
  • Solana (SOL) Market cap: $6.6 billion.

How much will USD coin cost in 2023? ›

$ 1.0003181

What will strong coin price be in 2025? ›

Strong's Long Term Price Prediction
YearsAvg PriceHighest Price
7 more rows

What coin will go up the most? ›

8 Best Crypto Coins With 50x Potential In 2023
  • Metacade (MCADE)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB)
  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • The Sandbox (SAND)
  • Polkadot (DOT)
  • Solana (SOL)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
Jan 23, 2023

What are the upcoming coin programs? ›

Two new circulating coin programs have been slated to begin in 2026 and 2027, and a redesigned half dollar will be in the mix, the U.S. Mint announced Oct. 4. The Circulating Collectible Coin Redesign Act of 2020 authorizes the Mint to produce new designs on select circulating coins from 2022 through 2030.

Who owns free coin? ›

Benn fmb - CEO - The FREE coin - The FREE coin | LinkedIn.

Which coin will rise in 2024? ›

Apart from established tokens and big names, there are several crypto projects that hold great promise for the future. LHINU, DLANCE, MET, ECOTERRA, and TARO are some of the cryptocurrencies that are expected to post 30x gains by 2024.

What crypto has the most potential in 2023? ›

The Cryptocurrencies with the Highest Upside Potential in 2023
  • Bitcoin (BTC) — Market-Leading Crypto with Scope for Further Growth.
  • Ethereum (ETH) — Hugely Popular Crypto for Builders and Developers.
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB) — Meme Coin Project with Huge Following.
  • Cardano (ADA) — Super-Fast and Efficient Blockchain with Potential.
6 days ago

Can Cardano reach $500? ›

Can Cardano reach $500? To reach $500, Cardano will have to rise about 1,768 times the current price. At $500, Cardano's market cap would be $17.5 trillion, about 32 times larger than Ethereum's all-time high market cap, which is completely unrealistic.

Where is the US dollar worth the most 2023? ›

Top 18 Places To Travel While the US Dollar Is Strong in 2023
Austria1 USD – 0.93 Euro
India1 USD – 80.69 Indian Rupee
Brazil1 USD – 4.94 Brazilian Real
South Africa1 USD – 19.57 South African Rand
Mexico1 USD – 19.58 Mexican Peso
13 more rows
Jun 17, 2023

What will be the price of dollar in 2025? ›

Dollar To Indian Rupee Forecast For 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 And 2027
24 more rows

Will USD Coin go up in 2023? ›

USD Coin is forecasted to hit $1.007 by the end of 2023. The expected average USDC price for 2023 is $1.007, which is a 0.36% increase in value from the current price. The maximum predicted price for 2023 is $1.258 which is forecasted to be reached in December 2023.

How much is coin strong now? ›

StrongBlock (STRONG) is currently ranked as the #689 cryptocurrency by market cap. Today it reached a high of $7.02, and now sits at $6.96. StrongBlock (STRONG) price is up 0.510000% in the last 24 hours.

What will Chainlink token price be in 2030? ›

Chainlink Prediction Table
YearMinimum PriceAverage Price
6 more rows

What will ForTube price be in 2025? ›

Based on our tech sector growth prediction the estimated FOR price would be between $ 0.040768 and $ 0.122426 meaning the price of ForTube is expected to rise by 532.67% in the best case scenario by 2025.

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